A Little Bit About Us

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Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson has spent the past 13 years experimenting with different drum sets, donating them to struggling ministries and bands, and living in awe at how God has used a drum set to act as his medication - at the age of 5, Andy was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome - long story short, when he was 15, drumming became his medication instead if pills and schedules. Ever since, he's been on this journey of helping people like drumming has helped him... A student of the craft of drum building, and aspiring master craftsmen, you can expect nothing short of an amazing hand made work of art from this guy - made with a whole lot of love, long hours, and sore hands.

What We Stand For

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Christian Service

Even though a drum cannot inherently be a Christian, those who make them can be! We believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - 3 in 1 who enables his people to serve him. If there are any churches, missions organizations, needy drummers out there, we will do our best to evaluate the situation and find a way to provide a quality reclaimed product to give them an adequate tool for worship.

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A Quality Product

Many big named drum companies have more machines producing kits than humans! Here at Sublevel, Andy Anderson's hands are all over these things - each kit is made by hand by one craftsman. You can expect his best work and quality care, and if anything goes wrong with your kit, send it back and Andy will fix it.

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At sublevel drums we deeply care about sustainability and not wasting resources. Our world’s rainforests and wood sources are being rapidly depleted, so our drums are made from North American-sourced maple, and our badges are made from reclaimed wood.

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Quality Customer Care

There are too many companies out there that stop serving their customers after the initial exchange has been made - at sublevel, we want to make a name for our selves in regards to customer service. Present your problem to us and we will find out a way to make it work. You help us by using our product, and in turn we will look after you!